The Racism In Germany Has To Stop !

Sister with a banner "Stop Racism" inside a solidarity demonstration for Jimmy C.

Stop Racism, Foto: Andrea Lins; Fotostream

The racism in our country has to stop !

This is the headline of a facebookside in solidarity with Jimmy C.
And in a video report he explained in which wise he was injured in the last night of last year, when he worked in the disoctheque Q-Dorf in Berlin

But how we can stop racism, which is a structural part of this society?

You can find racism in the labor market politc too and victims are usually the underprivileged people, proletarians, because they are easy targets. More than the people, who are sitting in the executive suites and people who can pay security guards for protcting their lifes. And when we reflect state racism we will be aware, that racism is correlationg to the classes: business(wo) men, employers and other rich people – specially, when they are establishing working places and joint ventures – are every time welcome and they must not fear deportations or to be pushed into lagers. They have prerogatives compared with people, who fleed form their countries without money to save their pur lifes.

That’s the reason, why refugees of poor families need our solidarity.

My friend Judith from Cameroun (otu of a poor familiy)  is working as ambulant care worker very hard and many of our sisters from Africa are doing this job. She told me very often about racist attitudes of educators, employers, patients and bosses of her and even of her German husband. He married him because he loved him and blind of love and was very hopeful to have a good family life. Because of racism and general inhumanity in Germany she said one time: „Germany is making me angry, I lose my feeling to love in this country“. And after these words she started to sing a children’s song from Cameroon for her lovely daughter Lea and during this nice event she calmed down.

But there is no reason for appeasement!

The violent racist attack against Jimmy is shocking me. The father of two children (and children are being traumatized if their father or mother have been attacked and injured too!) has done a job cleaning toilets in the discotheque „Q-Dorf“ and in fact many people of color don’t find better jobs, even if they are well educated. They are mostly working as care workers in the kitchens of restaurants and as cleaning workers. But even this slavery job toilet cleaning work was not accepted by the perpetrators of Jimmy. They see him as a person without right to live in Germany and shurely they are tolerating only „Aryan“ women cleaning German toilets…

But is’nt it the same delusion, which motivated the NSU for their murders?

How many of such homocides must still take place, when we start actions with all our power to stop them and ablish this dangerous delusion? What power do we have?

I think, the best chance to intervene and organize strong power is if we start a workers strike. It will not be organized by the trade unions, because the unions are part of the racist labor market. But we have to stop to accept the inactiviy of these organisations! We shall speak with them and demand acitivity and solidarity and we shall motivate the working people in the unions to cooperate with us in organzizing a „migrant workers strike“.

Imagine this: 24 hours in March nobody of the working migrants is working, but are participatimg in actions/events against racism and are struggling for good livelihood conditions. They/we organize this day – instead of working – future workshops, establish new schools, rename streets (for example the „Mohrenstraße“), visit people inside the „lagers“ and so on… !!!

Who is working inside a small company without trade union, can go to a doctor for a sick certificate – as a sign that we are living inside a very sick society, a system which is making us sick and is bringing more and more human individuals into danger of death. We can show this with banners as „racism makes sick“ – „racism is destroying work“ – racism kills – and go together on the streets. This with colored faces, because we are multicolored people and feel oppressed by whiteness…

The strike movement of migrants „one day without us“ // „24 hours without us“ begun 3 years ago in France and Italy as protest against the racist oppression of the society and specially the European state apparatous. Here you can see a video from Milano:
Primo Marzo 2010 – Milano – Sciopero dei lavoratori immigrati in Italia

A report about the activies in France/Paris in English language:
24h sans nous: Protest in Paris shows impact of immigrants

And here one blog article in French language:
1er mars 2010, journée sans immigrés : 24 h sans nous!

On this side you can find a lot of banners, articles, flyers and links about the strike, which is taking part on 1. Märch:

Transnationaler Migrant_innen-Streik

I think, it should be possible to ty in this movement, isn’t it? But we have to prepare it well. Let’s build up a working group for it and to support the March activities of refugee strike in Berlin !

Let’s fight for human dignity, social justice and equal human rights. Human being doesn’t need legitimation, but solidarity!

Über Alinka

I'm struggling for a good future for y-our (your/our) children. Ich bemühe mich um eine gute Zukunft für unsere Kinder. Wir haben nur EINE Erde auf der wir leben. We all are sisters and brothers, children and parents. Wir sind alle Schwestern und Brüder, Kinder und Eltern. We have only ONE earth !
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