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Let’s rise up to abolish patriarchy!

Kommentar zu: Hört auf, Eure rassistischen Gesetzesverschärfungen und Abschiebungen im Namen von Frauenrechten zu legitimieren! Comment about: Let`s get loud against racism, discrimination and sexism! English below – but not the same as my text in German…. The reason for it: … Weiterlesen

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Humour or Tittytainment Gags? He said during feeding the animal: „It is opening its mouth and eating all, what we give him. This is the only Greek penguin, we have.“ What a cheeky asshole! Sorry, I can’t laugh! He this is blaming  real … Weiterlesen

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The Racism In Germany Has To Stop !

The racism in our country has to stop ! This is the headline of a facebookside in solidarity with Jimmy C. And in a video report he explained in which wise he was injured in the last night of last … Weiterlesen

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