Reflections of the 7. Berlin-Biennale (Indignad@xs-Occupy-Biennale)

I write my reflections out of the view as indignad@s-occupy-activist in Germany as well as precarious worker:

You have to know, that the occupy-movement in Germany/Berlin is very weak. Tents are prohibited in Berlin and still now the activists didn’t create a real indignad@s-occupy-camp. After the uprise of October 15 last year the activists were invited to establish a camp with the allowance of the leaseholders of the „Bundespressestrand“ on their territory (the activists were invited from them) near the main station. Owner/controller of this territory is the „BImA“, the Federal Institute for Real Estate of the German Government. The Government Officials / BIma bosses proposed to install a building of the Federal Ministry Of Education And Research on this territory. The movement in Berlin was to weak to use the camp as a platform of critique of the current Education and Research and the student movements „Education Strike“ was one of the weakest of the last years and so the students didn’t join the movement which is struggling for social justice. The place of „Bundespressestrand“ was cleared in January without large or powerful protest.
This weakness was also the reason for a weak participation inside the preparation of the 7. Berlin-Biennale and we didn’t achieve a new spring uprise in May.

„Blockupy Frankfurt“ has been a highlight in the current spring time, but we didn’t achieve, that many new people joined the movement or that the spark jumped on into the universities or the working class in Germany. There was no real development by integrating more people.

The preparation of the Berlin Biennale was characterized by hierarchical structers and different circles of the KW, the curators, the artists and the working groups of the activists in Berlin. All have had a lot to do and didn’t communicate their efforts/works. In this way a common process of work was one the most „missing links“. Only a few members of preparation group struggled not to drawn in to much work and sometimes I’ve had the impression, that we all will have burn out, when the Biennale will really start…

But in the last two weeks before the beginning more and more international activists arrived and brought new power and creativity into our work and assemblies. I had been faszinated in the idea of the Global Square and to use IT for building a Global movement. But there was no real space to work it out. The idea was overrun by spectactors, ignorance and misunderstandings in the beginning of the 7. Berlin-Biennale. The critical reflection of Carolina is part of our „Biennale experience“.

This changed, when the activists of „Occupy Wall Street“ and „Occupy Museums“ arrived. In June we organized an assembly with all interested workers of KW and activists and started to struggled for horizontality.

This brought us to a process and into touch with „ArtsLeaks“ and „Haben und Brauchen“ specially for debating the situation of culture workers.
New working groups have been created and a continunity group has been established.

The platform for the working group „Working Conditions“ can be found here:

My proposal and suggestion: We shall stay in touch together for debating the process of cultural revolution. My point of view: Culture is an emancipation process for a human future. Humankind / humanpower established culture to be independent of the natural law of the „survival of the fittest“. Because capitalism is following the rules of the „survival of the fittest“ it must be overcome. Culture has been toppled by warfare and the human society is suffering under the manner and rule of wars and Social Darwinism. All workers and employees of the culture sector should deny this and start a collective process of struggle.

For a continuity process it would be very helpful, if we establish an Arts Camp and invite all inhabitants of Berlin to it for debating and creating a common, social and human culture. We shall start with the creation of a new emblem of Berlin. Under the rule of the black bear government officials and the lobbies of iron companies together with military leaders organized two wars which leaded into world wars and organized the Shoah („Holocaust“; the genocide of the European Jews). Therefore it’s time for a new one. We shall ask the citizens of Berlin which new emblem they prefer and invite them to our peace camp. There we shall debate in which way we can overcome warfare and the essence of culture.

The most important „thing“ I’ve learned with all of you during the Biennale is the power of political art. Thank you for this awareness!

Über Alinka

I'm struggling for a good future for y-our (your/our) children. Ich bemühe mich um eine gute Zukunft für unsere Kinder. Wir haben nur EINE Erde auf der wir leben. We all are sisters and brothers, children and parents. Wir sind alle Schwestern und Brüder, Kinder und Eltern. We have only ONE earth !
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