On the Dec 8th a meeting of the volunteers of the so called „Welcome Culture“ took place and some people decided to write a protest letter to the administration of Berlin, the „LaGeSo“. This week they send it to the network of volunteer groups. I published it on my blog and asked, if this is okay, but they decided, to work again on it and that it should not been published. Therefore I deleated it. But I’m looking forward to the next meeting, where we can discuss it.



Last Tuesday the pope of Vatican State established the Jubilee Year of Mercy. No doubt, Vatican State is very rich and should be so mercy, to spend the wealth to the poor:

(…) Many cardinals live in apartments of some 500 square meters (5,400 square feet) waited on by aides and surrounded by Renaissance art. (….)

Oh yeah, we need place for refugees!


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