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Tittytainment Governance

When I analized the uprise of right-wing populism in Germany (and it started with Thilo Sarrazin book: „Deutschland schafft sich ab“; in English: „Germany Is Doing Away With Itself„), Europe, Turkey, Russia and at least in the United States of … Weiterlesen

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The Federal President of Germany – Mr. Gauck – is Propagandizing Militarism

Some days ago, Mr. Gauck launched a media release, in which he proclaimed, that the great Germany has to take more „responsibility“ in conflicts, if necessary, with arms. Some month after the German reunification, the German politicians fired the crises … Weiterlesen

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Lampedusa People In Action

On August, 17th, the people from Lampedusa Village Berlin made a demonstration in solidartity with their sisters and brothers in Hamburg. The history of them: They have lived and worked with their families in Libya, many on the oil fields. … Weiterlesen

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Für eine gute Zukunft – For A Good Future: Let’s stopp and transform the mass murder system !

Brief introduction to the report of German Foreign Policy (see below): The German state was/is financing the Muslimbrotherhood in Egypt by „Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung“ and is supporting the Wahhabis in Saudi-Arabia by T for tanks to murder the Arabic revolution. The terroristic-fascistic … Weiterlesen

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