Tittytainment Governance

When I analized the uprise of right-wing populism in Germany (and it started with Thilo Sarrazin book: „Deutschland schafft sich ab“; in English: „Germany Is Doing Away With Itself„), Europe, Turkey, Russia and at least in the United States of America we have to reflect the term „tittytainment“. I found it 30 years ago in the book „Global Trap: Civilization and the Assault on Democracy and Prosperit“, written by Hans-Peter Martin and Harald Schumann. Both were serious journalists and worked for the German news magazin „Der Spiegel“. In particular, the book is known for defining a possible „20/80 society„. In this possible society of the 21st century, 20 percent of the working age population will be enough to keep the world economy going. The other 80 percent live on some form of alimentation, financed by the state (for expample: HartzIV, European Social Fondsand and os on) or NGO‘s or religios communities. They are entertained with a concept called by Zbigniew Brzezinski „tittytainment“, which is a mixture of „intoxicating entertainment and sufficient nourishment“ that can „tranquilize the frustrated minds of the globe’s population“. It’s nothing else, than „Bread and Circuses“ in Roman Empire.

More about it, you can find in wikipedia.

Today all politicians of this patriarchal and capitalistic system are character masks of „Tittytainment“ and are working in the interests of the corporations, the Global Player (for example Monsanto, which is now overtaken from BASF) and it‘s banks and unfortunately for the industrial military complex. This complex is needing tensions and wars for its profit and the bourgeois governments and states, leaded by its secret services are feeding the war.

Donald Trump is a Tittytainment“-president in personification. He was making for years TV shows and is very popular in the USA. Thilo Sarrazin was unknown in Germany until he published his book: „Deutschland schafft sich ab“. Donald Trump is narcisst and Thilo Sarrazin is occupied by the stupid vision of „Germany’s destiny: lead Europe to lead the world“ which is basing on the ideology of „German Tüchtigkeit‘“. Therefore non-Germans say: „The ‚krauts'(in German now is in use: „Kartoffeldeutsche“) want to rule the world again and to creat a 4. Reich, but they can‘t build an airport (BER).“

Thilo Sarrazin is the idological founder of the right-wing Afd (Alternative for Germany) and the Pegida movement. The German dominated Europe now – after the Brexit – is nothing else than a pile of shards. National chauvinism is growing in Europe and tendencies towards a war. Please reflect the cruel war in Yugoslavia, which started 1991.

We’ve to reflect too the situation in Turkey and the politics of Erdogan, who is very dangerous too, specially for the Kurds and the democratic opposition in Turkey and Europe. The same with Mr. Putin in Russia.

In European Union the first right-wing government was established in Hungary 2010 under the rule of Fidesz with its leader Viktor Orbán. Fidesz members are sympathizing with the far right-wing party „Jobbik“ and its para militaristic organisation „Magyar Guarda“. They organized pogroms against the Roma population. Many of them have been killed, evicted and they are very oppressed. If you want to make researches on it, you can read the articles on European Roma Rights Center.

In the declaration of human rights these social and humanistic ethics, basing on universalism, are implemented. But no nation, no government, no state is acting on the base of human rights. Capitalism is ruling the world and the economy with its stockmarkets, rating agencies, banks are oppressing us and brought dictators to power. This on global level and first inside the European colonies. For example Partrice Lumumba was killed and Joseph Mobutu was brought to rule in Congo.

We have to consider and to be aware, that the neoliberal capitalism is collapsing and its policy failing.

We‘ve to stop the war machine – because it is destroying culture – and coming together as new global opposition for a social and human society.

We shall act in our daily life, in our neighborhood and organizing meetings.

Über Alinka

I'm struggling for a good future for y-our (your/our) children. Ich bemühe mich um eine gute Zukunft für unsere Kinder. Wir haben nur EINE Erde auf der wir leben. We all are sisters and brothers, children and parents. Wir sind alle Schwestern und Brüder, Kinder und Eltern. We have only ONE earth !
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