Analysis of the Current Patriarchal Amok Run

Inside the media in Germany is going on a debate about the denomi-nation of „Islamistic (1) Sunni State.“

In the way, how German media are making propaganda is terrible. You can see the lack of education and scientifical background. No investigations. For example, the ARD is speaking about the „so called Islamic State“, proclaimed itself to be one. and is  recruiting young people, of course, predominantly men, who are clueless about Islam, economy and war business.

If you follow the roots of the poison, which destroyed the religions, included Islam and specially the mercy of God/الله‎, you find mass murderer as Omar Amin and his fellow.

Turkish secret service and rightwing members of AKP (who would like to install a new Ottoman Empire) is in coalition with the mass murderer, but Erdoĝan is still honored from the German Government and Merkel is dealing with him.

ISIT = (Islamistic State In Turkey // Islamistic "State" is terror)

Merkel, Chancellor of GTS (German Terror State) with a leader of ISIT = (Islamistic „state“ in Turkey // Islamistic „State“ is Terror)

But both are agents of the military industrial complex,(2) which is dominating the global economy. Therefore this patriarchal world established nothing else than a global economy of war & terror, which is destroying our common goods and planet. Oil for example is feeding the war machine, financed from petro-dollars.

If we reflect the analysis of Loretta Napoleoni, it might be possible to speak about a „state“, because the Sunni based movement is controlling a large territory, which is running on the base of capitalism, but on the other hand: It can’t grow, because capitalism and it’is „civilisation“ (which is militarism) is collapsing. And that’s the reason for the political crisis in Europe and its so called „refugee crisis“.

But because I am reflecting the media and the agents of the global war machine, I will confrontate you -as reader of thes blog article now with Jürgen Todenhöfer.

During an interview of ARD tagesthemen of Dec. 18 last year (if you want to hear it, please click on the picture) he said, thas „IS“ is practising *religious* cleansing of all human beings, who don’t are believers of a one of the book religions. But that’s not true. They leave the women alive and are misusing them as slaves. No single word about this fact! Further the ARD moderator didn’t questioned or reject Todenhöfer, because she isn’t well educated and maybe she wasn’t prepared for this interview? But he repeated the sentence, that „IS“ will commit *religious* cleansing and kill millions of people.

One day after this Interview, Lutz Bachmann, main speaker of „PEGIDA“ founded an association, which has been legally registered in Dresden under registration ID VR 7750. Meanwhile the German society is confronted with a patriotic war on the homeland front: daily attacks on migrants and left wings, malicious arsons on asylum houses, xenophobic demonstrations and an uprise of AfD.

But Jürgen Todenhöfer is fulfilling another job too: To infect the Arab and Muslim populations with the illusion, that the German ruled Europe has peace and prosperity. And that Germany should be the leader of the world. In a TVdebate in Sept. 2011 he said, that Germany „is a likeable, hospitable, cosmopolitan country„. German imperialism is hidden behind a soup opera of  and that the German Government this summer presented media a nice „refugee welcome face“. Most of migrants don’t agree. For example Vlad Georgescu, a journalist. He said: Who thinks, that Germany is an open integration society, tells hisself a lie.

No dept, that the  „welcome culture“ this summer in Germany was awesome and beautiful, but the helper movement of New Empathy had no chance. This, because all social resources had been cut under the rule of Chancellor Schröder on base of „Agenda 2010“ and the German government installed strong neoliberal rules, which have been exported into other nations in Europe by Wolfgang Schäuble. He is a man who’s deeply involved in the business of the military industrial sector, a business partner of Karlheinz Schreiber. No evidence, that this was a dirty business, feeding the military industrial complex // arms production sector of „Germania„. (3) If you follow the link of the wiki-article about Schreiber, you can see, that not the politicians, but the war machine is ruling the patriarchal organized world and  is killing humanity, ethics. mercy and empathy. It is incorporated in the monster of the Islamistic State. (ISIS/ISIL, Daesh)(4)

The only chance to stop the war machine would be a transnational rebellion of women and a global social strike with the goal to establish a human society.


(1) Once Islam has created a high developed culture and a caliphate, which celebrated intellectual debates about ethics with other religions. It has been a patriarchal theocracy, but with religious laws. Meanwhile all religions are feeding the neoliberal war machine. Islam in in policy and propaganda is transformed into an ideology. It’s the same with all other religion in policy. Germany is ruled by a Christian Party, but making policy for the profit of warfare economy. The same with the evangelical politicians in USA. I use „Islamistic“ to differentiate between the Muslims, who believe in God and the guys, who believe in the victory of the new Sunni caliphate.

(2) You can say too: „defence industry“. But this industry became more and more powerful by incorporating and controlling the global economy.

(3) „Germania“ fucked the world in last century. NationalSocialism, which has been neither a nation, nor socialism, was the form of capitalistic-patriarchal economy, the war machine last century.

(4) This movement is the advanced form of patriarchal „culture“ and „capitalistic „economy“, which is called „neoliberalism“. Never a „third way“ between the „classical“ capitalism and communism has existed. It was and is just capitalism, even in Sowjetunion, because the communist revolution failed. Therefore is the war of the Sunni movement is a neoliberal war by using all weapons, which had been produced for the business of very few people, who are contolling the patriarchial world production and its society. In the book „The Global Trap“ described two journalists, who worked for the news magazine „Der Spiegel“, that in  next years 80% of the world population would become superfluous. The book came out 1996. Now, 20 years later, we see a mass murderer movement, which is making „Tittytainment“ and a war for the 1%, because they want to belong to the 20% survivors of the war machine. The current war machine is a society of „Technopoly“ = Technopatria too, which is excluding most global women, specially inhabitans with more primitive background, people who don’t have technological knowledge or are living on a level of tool-using-culture.


Über Alinka

I'm struggling for a good future for y-our (your/our) children. Ich bemühe mich um eine gute Zukunft für unsere Kinder. Wir haben nur EINE Erde auf der wir leben. We all are sisters and brothers, children and parents. Wir sind alle Schwestern und Brüder, Kinder und Eltern. We have only ONE earth !
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