Mr. Gabriel and Human Rights in Iran

German mainstream media have before and during the visit of the German Federal Minister of Economy, Sigmund Gabriel to Iran with 100 high ranked members of the German economy, published, that he wants or has insisted on Human Rights in Iran. But as you see in this article, the Iranian authorities care a mess.

Now the teachers in Iran are on the streets, but 200 of them have been arrested during their recent struggles. The teachers in Iran are well organized and have established a trade union. They demand:

  • No privatisations in schools and charges for education
  • better medical aid in schools
  • stop discrimination for women
  • equal wages for men and women
  • wages shall rise referred to inflation
  • higher budget for the education sector
  • release of imprisoned trade union members

A good overview of the struggles are given by Ali Schirasi in German language:

Brave teachers! Brave Iranian people! I just will see, if the teachers trade union in Germany will send you some solidarity greetings. And shame on you, Mr. Gabriel!

We will see, that Arab media now will write more critical notes about Human Rights violations in Iran, but German mainstream media don’t, because it’s not good for business.

Here you can find news about so called „Near“ or „Middle East“.

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