Humour or Tittytainment Gags?

He said during feeding the animal: „It is opening its mouth and eating all, what we give him. This is the only Greek penguin, we have.“

What a cheeky asshole! Sorry, I can’t laugh! He this is blaming  real „humour“. If he had said. following: „Sometimes I meet Alexis Tsipras. Last time, when I met him in the end of June, and I wanted invite him to a dinner, he said: ‚Thanks, no. I’ll make a diet and never will become so fat as  your Joschka Fischer.‘ At least I met him some days ago in shape of a penguin. (…now the szene of the film:….) And now, when he is opening his mouth, not to say ‚No‘, but to swallow all, what we give him. He will become much more fat than Joschka.“

Therefore I decided, to reject ZDF and remain lookingby „die Anstalt„. This is much more better and never I was confrontated with racism and stupid tittytainment gags as in this „Consumer-Show“, ähhh „without guaranty“.


Über Alinka

I'm struggling for a good future for y-our (your/our) children. Ich bemühe mich um eine gute Zukunft für unsere Kinder. Wir haben nur EINE Erde auf der wir leben. We all are sisters and brothers, children and parents. Wir sind alle Schwestern und Brüder, Kinder und Eltern. We have only ONE earth !
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