Secret „Intelligence“ Services and German Foreign Policy

What we have to reflect: The balances and differences of power in the bloody game of imperialistic strategies: Patriarchal militarisation and fascism.

The „point of no return“ happened meanwhile 14 years ago: the attacks on the twin towers and other buildings in the United States under the rule of G.W. Bush. Mainstream media gave the concerned world population very soon a list of the terrorist, who have lived long time in Germany (Hamburg). This has been the starting point for the recent spies and surveillance attacks by NSA.

Since the collapps of the so called socialistic block (it never have been communistic or socialistic!) and the German reunification, the BND changed its role from a partner of the CIA (as it has been the former Gehlen-Group) into a rival of the USA. Therefore I think, seeing the German Government Members as victims of the evil NSA is wrong.

The victimsof German policy since 1945 are hidden and unknown in German mainstream.

 „The German Christmas Coup“ in Guninea, 2008 or the German secret activies inside the civil war in Yugoslavia, short time after the 2+4 agreement, don’t be in the focus of current awareness.

The reason: Until now we don’t have a serious whistle blower of the German military industrial complex and their secret services as Edward Snowden or Bradley Manning and German’s politicians lost the way into democracy last century.

And now it seems, that the „Right Sector“ in Ukraine is planing a coup for overtaking the power of the Ukrainian state (source: German Foreign Policy; Human Rights Ukraine). Never forget, that the Federal Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Steinmeier, accepted the dangerous fascists of and inside the Euromaidan movement. Therefore he is responsible for the bestial Human Rights violations in Ukraine of the Right Sector and the uprise of the Ukrainian fascists.


Über Alinka

I'm struggling for a good future for y-our (your/our) children. Ich bemühe mich um eine gute Zukunft für unsere Kinder. Wir haben nur EINE Erde auf der wir leben. We all are sisters and brothers, children and parents. Wir sind alle Schwestern und Brüder, Kinder und Eltern. We have only ONE earth !
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